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Integrating BroadcastByPhone columns within IVR studio

I’d like different call flows based on different languages and countries in one IVR (as prescribed by the columns in my imported list) – is that possible or will I have to run multiple campaigns simultaneously? If so, what is the best way to do that?

To design an outbound call plan using IVR studio with BroadcastByPhone columns, please refer to the instructions below:

This picture shows the end result of how you should start designing your IVR system. Right click on the element node -> click on properties will get you to the image below.

To get to the next image, choose if conditions is met -> click on define.

You will need to click on “Add BroadcastByPhone column” -> within the curly braces, enter the column name designated in the BroadcastByPhone column -> place the condition -> Click OK -> Click OK again
and you’re done!

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