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Setting up RingCentral with Voicent Software

This article will guide you on how to configure your RingCentral account to work with Voicent Software.

Getting the required information from RingCentral
We first need to log in to your RingCentral account and get the information you need for Voicent software. This article assumes you already have a RingCentral account and phone number purchased.

Getting the required RingCentral information:

  1. Log in to your RingCentral account
  2. Select “Settings” and click “My Settings” or “Phone System”
  3. In the bottom left select “Phones & Devices”
  4. Select the phone number you want to use with Voicent software
  5. Select “Change phone” or “Setup & Provision”
  6. If you selected “Change phone” select “Phone not purchased from RingCental” then select “Other Phone” and the information provided is what is needed at the bottom of this tutorial
  7. If you selected “Setup & Provision” select “Other Phone” and the information provided is what you will need at the bottom of this tutorial

Setup Voicent software with the information you just received
Now that you have the RingCentral information you need for Voicent software, proceed with the following steps.

Step 1:
Launch the “Voicent Gateway” by select the green circle with a white v in the bottom right of your windows tray.

Step 2:
Select “Setup” and proceed to “Options”.

Step 3:
Navigate and select the “SIP” tab, and select “Add”.

  • Display Name: Enter your first name and last name or whatever you wanted to have there.
  • SIP ID/User ID: Enter your RingCentral user ID which is your phone number.
  • Domain: Enter the domain,
  • Authorization User: Enter your Authorization ID provided by RingCentral from your online account.
  • Password: Enter your password provided by RingCentral

Select “OK”, “Apply”, “OK”.

Voicent software will not make telephone calls through your RingCentral account if everything is set up properly.

To learn how to check your RingCentral SIP Settings, please visit this link Here.

If you are able to start the Gateway with your RingCentral settings but unable to make calls because of a “486 busy” error, then this means your RingCentral line is not properly provisioned. Make sure in your RingCentral account that your phone is provisioned as an “other phone” not softphone and isn’t currently attached to any other RingCentral softphone.

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