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Failed to get app header error.

I got this error when I started Voicent Auto Dialer / BroadcastByPhone: “Failed to get app headers. Voicent Gateway returned error status 404.” How do I fix this?

Each Voicent file has a message that is selected that is attached to it. In this case, most likely your file has a IVR studio message selected with that .voc file that is NOT there anymore. To prove this:
1) Open Voicent BroadcastByPhone (Or your respective Voicent Software)
2) Click on “Broadcast” tab
3) Click Select Message
4) Choose “Default Audio”
5) Click “OK”
6) Save your file
7) Close and reopen your file and that error should not appear anymore

Just make sure you have the IVR studio design on the Voicent Gateway that you are connecting to and you should not have this problem anymore.

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