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Voicent Software or VICIDIAL?

Why should I pick Voicent software over VICIDIAL?

VICIDIAL may be free, open source software but if you are planning on using software like an Auto Dialer or a Predictive Dialer for your business then there are several reasons why you should pick Voicent software over VICIDIAL.

To start, Voicent offers a much more complete software package than VICIDIAL. Within our software suite you can make use of an Auto Dialer, a Predictive Dialer, an integrated CRM database, Appointment Reminder software, and more. All Voicent programs automatically and seamlessly integrate with each other, meaning you spend far less time trying to get the software to work and more time closing sales.

And on that note, Voicent software is much more user-friendly. Making use of VICIDIAL requires far more technical knowledge to operate. For example, VICIDIAL requires the use of Asterisk servers, while Voicent software easily works with any sort of VOIP or physical phone line. Voicent software also makes use of a familiar spreadsheet interface making it far easier to get started on dialing your leads.

Voicent is also able to offer much more comprehensive support options. We can help you setup the software and train you in its use. We are able to offer custom solutions for your business, such as IVR applications or customized database access, making the use of Voicent software far more flexible.

VICIDIAL might be for you if you possess a lot of technical experience and you don’t expect to be making a large volume of calls. If you are looking for a comprehensive software suite that is backed by a reputable company and very easy to use, then Voicent software should be the choice for you.

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