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Call Forwarding to an Outside Line with Voicent Software

When I broadcast out with your Auto Dialer, I want people to be able to press 1 to transfer and forward that call to my office phone. Do I need anything extra to make that work?

When Voicent software forwards an active call to an analog phone, such as an office phone, the software will need an additional phone line available to transfer the call. This is because when forwarding to an outside line the software has to dial and connect to that outside line (analog line/office phone etc.) using another phone line before successfully connecting the transfer. These extra lines are necessary for every call you wish to transfer for call forwarding. If you have two outbound lines that you want to forward calls with, you will need four total lines from your provider.

Please note for call forwarding that while you do need extra lines from your provider, you do not need to license additional lines for the call forwarding process. As an example, if you have a license for BroadcastByPhone with two lines and you want to utilize call forwarding for both of those lines, you will need four lines from your provider but the two line license does not need to be added to.

If you use Voicent Dashboard to receive transferred calls, you will not need any extra lines for transfers.

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