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How to fix “Windows Services not Running” errors

When I tried to start my Gateway I got a “Windows Service not running” error, how do I fix this and get my Gateway running again?

This error means that the Windows Services needed to run the Gateway are not currently running. The first thing to try is to simply restart your computer. This solution will often fix the problem on its own. However, if after restarting you still run into this issue re-installing the software will solve this problem.

If you are confident in your technical ability then you can try manually closing Voicent related processes and restart the necessary Windows Services. This is not recommended unless you have some experience in this area and know what you are doing. Open up the Windows task manager and go the processes tab. Close all vgate.exe processes, the spengine.exe process as well as vxengine.exe. Close all javaw.exe processes too.

Next, go to the services tab and restart the Voicent Gateway service. Finally, go to the  C:\Program Files\Voicent\Gateway\bin folder (or C:\Program Files (x86)\Voicent\Gateway\bin, for 64 bit operating systems) and run vgate.exe. Your Gateway should now be running normally.


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