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AutoReminder with Oscar EMR system

Our practice uses the EMR system called Oscar a lot, and we are still manually doing patient appointment reminders. Does Voicent’s AutoReminder provide integration with Oscar, and if so what type of integration?

Yes, we offer two types of integration.

  1. Import & Export
  2. Direct Database Access for Full Automation

Import -> Export Integration
This is the most common usage of our AutoReminder integration with Oscar EMR. It will require your receptionist once a week or once a day to export the appointments from the system and import the appointments into Voicent’s AutoReminder. Then once at the end of the day or at the end of the week you would pull the results out of the AutoReminder.

Direct Database Access
This is the easiest and fully automated route that we recommend our customers to take. This will allow a once a day task that will automatically pull appointments for tomorrow to have Phone calls, SMS text messages, and emails automatically sent to them.

This the direct database access method will work by having Voicent software automatically go to the database directly and pull out the information it needs, this will allow the system to deliver a unique message for each person individually with a catered to confirmation option.

The results of the automated solution can automatically send an email, can have the canceled appointments automatically reflect in Oscar, and a plethora of other options.

The Oscar EMR system uses a standard SQL database structure, that will allow us to directly access appointment information, leaving all other information in place to maintain HIPPA compliance.

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