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AutoReminder integration with MDFlow & Netsmart

Our AutoReminder software has been around for over 10 years, helping thousands of doctors, dentist, or anyone needing to remind their customers of appointments. From day one when our users will still using PCI Analog phone modem cards to now, we have wanted to make our Appointment Reminding software, as easy, flexible and effective as possible. Our main goal with development of our Auto Reminding software is to support as many platforms as possible, and we are happy to announce support for MDFlow & Netsmart EMR software.

What type of integration do we offer?
We offer varying levels of support from complete integration to basic import & export integration.

Complete Integration
This type of integration is by far the most thorough and effective integration. It will allow Voicent AutoReminder to automatically pull appoinment information 1 day, 1 hour, or any other specified time before the appointment to be called. Then after the reminder contacts your clients and lets them confirm, cancel or reschedule their appointment, update the MDFlow & Netsmart customer information to reflect appropriately.

Basic Import & Export
For users who do not want the complete package we offer another method of automatically reminding your clients. This route will have your staff export an appointment listing that they can then import directly into Voicents’ AutoReminder to be called. Once the end users are called your staff can export the results into a CSV file for scrubbing.

For more information about our AutoReminder with MDFlow & Netsmart, or to learn how to get started, contact us at 1(408)716-0567.

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