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AutoReminder usage

I’m looking for 1) Data to input into an auto-dialer, 2) Have the auto-dialer call small businesses around the country to offer them leads and if they are interested to connect to one of our sales representatives and/or when the dialer gets a live person, it connects to one of our sales people, 3) leaves a generic message to call us back that then rings to one of our sales people.

Voicent Answer:

Voicent BroadcastByPhone auto dialer will meet all your requirements plus more:

1) The auto dialer accepts Excel Spreadsheet, .csv or .xls files using “import” function.
2) The auto dialer allows the receipients to press “1″ to transfer to your sales people if they are interested, or press “2″ to leave a call back message.
3) If the recipients leave a call back message, the system will show the message icon to allow your sales people call back asap.

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