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Voicent CRM integration with SugarCRM, ZohoCRM

We are a 34+ year old software development and integration firm in the NYC/CT Area and recently discovered your firm. I was looking for some addons for the popular SugarCRM CRM solution at the time.

As we also provide SIP PBX’s and Hosted PBX solutions to clients
I believe that some further introductions may be profitable for
both of our firms.

In regard to SugarCRM, I am a little confused about the Voicent
CRM product. Is it a standalone CRM solution or an addon for
SugarCRM ?

In regard to your Flex PBX product, can it be used to integrate
multiple users of SugarCRM, instead of using individual TAPI
installations ?

And, can Flex PBX be used with Epygi Quadro, GrandStream UCM
(Asterisk) and Globalinx (Broadsoft) PBX’s ?


Voicent CRM is a basic CRM system for customers of our not using third party CRM systems. In order to utilize third party CRM systems with Voicent you would need to purchase a Voicent CRM license.

Voicent’s FlexPBX is an inbound call and agent call distributor. You can add all of your agents to our system and have them make / receive calls from our “Dashboard” soft phone software. You would also get a professional phone menu allowing your users to press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, etc.

Our FlexPBX system can be used with any PBX system that supports analog phone lines, or SIP extensions.

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