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Call Center Automation Software to keep the sales up, marketing sizzling and customer satisfied


The Call Center has undergone radical change over the past decade. Its century-old relic technology has been revolutionized.
At the same time, the perceived business value of call centers has gone from necessary cost-center, worthy only of entry-level staffing, to important driver of brand differentiation, revenue generation and customer satisfaction. Voicent’s products meet the needs of the new generation of call centers, eliminating costly overhead such as hardware acquisition and maintenance, automatically monitoring and managing resources to meet regulatory requirements and campaign goals.
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All setup and modification utterly dependent on the rigid calendar and limited working hours of the phone company

Extraordinarily expensive to equip and operate due to high cost of transmission lines, switching equipment, phones and calling rates

Viewed as necessary cost center, suitable for entry-level staffing or off-shore outsourcing only

Dreaded by customers as inefficient, time-wasting and frustrating as they dealt with long call queues, clumsy “press 1 for …” automation, unintelligible operator accents, etc.

Scorned by young, educated workers as dull, oppressive, stunningly boring places to work

Targeted by organized labor after reports of poor working conditions

Eliminates dependence on phone company installers

Offers astonishing affordability. Using Voicent’s Call Center solutions, thousands of simultaneous calls can be made or received using an ordinary, inexpensive desktop or laptop computer.

Eliminates complex hard-wiring, switching and other costly telephony requirements of old-fashioned call centers

Dramatically cuts and/or eliminates carrier calling rates

Enables integration of Instant Messaging, SMS, email and other communication modes to create “Contact Center”

Allows even small businesses to offer “big business” sophistication such as on-hold music or messages, multi-lingual menu capabilities and self-serve opportunities

Enables de-centralized agent locations while maintaining excellent oversight and on-the-job training capabilities

Offers flexible, work-from-home opportunities for retirees, well-educated, technology-savvy Gen Y, physically handicapped.
VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) enables the transmission of voice and data over the Internet, rendering phone lines and traditional telephony equipment and services unnecessary.

Various “bridge” technologies and strategies enable organizations to gradually shift from traditional, fixed-line systems to sophisticated, integrated VoIP, mobile, video and other services.

Call charges are nonexistent or a fraction of those typically charged by traditional phone companies.

Equipment is competitively priced and typically more feature-rich than traditional telephones.

VoIP systems also enable easier integration of equipment from various device manufacturers, increasing price competition and customer satisfaction.

VoIP and other IP technologies can be designed, implemented and managed through software using open-source programming languages and platforms.

That means it’s relatively simple to tie your phone, web, mobile and other services together, then integrate them into automated Customer Relationship Management systems, financial software and other back-office processes and systems.

The affordability of VoIP communication software such as Voicent, enable even small companies to offer sophisticated, automated communication services.

For example, using Voicent’s Interactive Voice Response software (IVR Studio), organizations can offer automated answering, call forwarding, self-serve menus and more to callers around the clock and around the world.

With VoIP, agents can work from an ordinary laptop or desktop computer with access to the Internet.

But that doesn’t mean supervisors won’t have access to agents or be without the ability to instruct them in their work. Using Voicent’s Call Center Manager, for example, supervisors can not only see which agents are working, they can monitor calls and instruct and advise agents without being heard by the actual callers.

This enables highly effective on-the-job training and coaching of new agents. Call Center Manager also has automated regulatory compliance and performance reporting capabilities.

Voicent’s BroadcastByPhone software is specifically designed for Outbound Call Centers. It provides automated list management, auto dialing, auto-detection of live answers (can switch them to available agents) and custom voice-mail or answering machine messages.

With VoIP, a vast pool of educated, personable, technology-oriented workers become available thanks to the ability of new Call Centers to use home-based agents. Using remote setup, training and monitoring abilities, home-based agents are easy to support.

Call Centers employing this staffing strategy get highly effective employees while getting significant savings in costs for office space, heating, lighting, taxes and phone and data services.

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