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How Appointment Reminders Work

If your business depends on appointment reservations, then you know that your clients – who also lead very busy lives sometimes, forget about their appointments. This costs you revenue and causes disruptions in your schedule. You could remind them prior to their appointments, but that means spending more time on the phone than serving them.

But with the help of appointment reminders you don’t only get reminded of your appointments, you also reduces operation cost.  The time your idle is money you don’t earn. Appointment reminders also make sure you don’t miss any appointments scheduled!

Voicent’s AutoReminder software

Voicent’s AutoReminder sends out customizable phone reminders, text message reminders (also called SMS reminders), and email reminders to your clients, so that they come in on time and you get paid.  There’s more!  When a reminder call is made, Voicent AutoReminder allows the recipient to confirm, reschedule, leave a personal message or even be transferred to your office simply by pressing a number on their phone keypad.  This would make you have time to fill the void if they cancel or move their appointment forward.  You could possibly fill three cancelled appointments out of five.  Before, this could be a lost income.  This would give your customer trust and reliance on your company based on the flexibility of their scheduled appointments. Appointment reminder is not only great, costumers love it!

Voicent’s Auto Reminder software is an incredibly affordable communication tool. You buy it once and own it for life. There are no additional monthly or per-call fees to pay.

Benefits and features of Voicent’s AutoReminder

First of all, there is no additional fees for every call, every text and, every email.

This software has built-in calendar and scheduling system, you can personalize messages and send it any time of the day, any day of the week and any week of the month!

Like any other appointment reminder, it reduces appointment no-shows, thus not only saving time and labor cost.  You are also reducing wasted office hours.

Another feature of this great appointment reminder of Voicent is it improves information sharing and access among offices, doctors and receptionists.

Also, if you have multiple providers or say users, you only need an AutoReminder Enterprise Edition that will manage multiple user licenses. So if you have an enterprise edition with ten users, you can have ten simultaneous accesses to the appointment data.



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