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PhoneTree Appointment Reminder Replacement

I am looking for a replacement unit for my Phone Tree appointment reminder. PhoneTree seems no longer in business or not selling the unit anymore. Do you have such a unit and what is the price?

Yes. We offer appointment reminder software (AutoReminder) that is easy to use and offers more features than the PhoneTree unit. In addition to telephone appointment reminders, the software is also capable of text message and email reminders.

Actually, our software does not even require a physical hardware. It is installed on your computer (Windows) and can be configured to use your own telephone service or almost all VOIP/SIP phone services.

The Auto Reminder software is a pretty mature product. It has been on the market for more than ten years. We have customers ranging from individual medical offices, spa and hair salons, to large hospitals.

For pricing and more info, please see Voicent Appointment Reminder Software overview.

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