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Personalize Auto Dialer Messages

we are looking at a sample message similiar to: Hello [contact name] please respond by [todays date + 30] Is that possible?

To include a contact name in your message template is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Select Setup, Campaign, Message from the main menu. Click the Add button to add a new auto dialer message.
2. Make sure to select Interactive Message (press-1 campaign) as message type
3. In the message item, choose Text to Speech, then enter Hello on the right. (Or choose audio file, then select the audio file for hello), click the + button on the right.
4. In the new message item, choose CRM, then select the correct field on the right, such as First Name.

To include [today's date + 30], that is more complicated and you need to use Voicent IVR Studio to do so. It will require a little programming or scripting to get today’s date, and then add 30 days to it. The full IVR tutorial is online.

As a workaround (without using IVR Studio), you may just say something like you must respond in 30 days.

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