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Difference between IVR and CRM products

Im little confused with IVR and CMR, I see thay they are different products, but they do almost the same, I imagine that its almos a same purpose software, split in two, why?, does CRM need the IVR? necesarally?, Is CRM goint to interpret my bussines software to get the info or do I have to be doing export databases to have updated info?

Telephony CRM product is used to keep customer phone contact information. For example, when a customer calls in, a screen pop will be shown on your computer, telling you who is calling, his profile, and call history. After the phone call, a call record for this particular phone call is saved automatically to the CRM database. The CRM product is not going to answer the incoming phone calls for you.

IVR Studio is used to design the interactions for phone calls. For example, if you want set up an auto-attendant service for your company, you can use IVR Studio to design the call flow, such as press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, etc. You can then deploy the application to Voicent Gateway. Next time the application will answer the incoming call for you.

IVR Studio and Telephony CRM can be used together to better handle incoming calls. For example, when a customer calls you, Telephony CRM will show the screen popup, and based on the customer category, choose an IVR application to answer the call automatically.

IVR Studio and Telephony CRM can be used independently.

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