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Auto dialer call in to record message

We have Purchased a 4 line Broadcast by Phone system. I know that one option for recording a message during the creation of a broadcast is to record the message by phone. Once you select the record by phone option under the message designer and it tells you to call in, will it accept a call from any of the 4 lines or can it be restricted to just one of the lines?

Yes, you can call in from any of the 4 lines.

The reason I ask is that some of the lines are not used exclusively by the broadcast system so we would not want to accept an inbound call from those particular lines (just use them for the outbound only). If we can designate a specific number for the inbound call, how do we do that?

You cannot designate a specific number for the inbound call for recording. The recording mode is only active during the Record Audio dailog window is up. The moment you click the OK button, the recording mode is off.

If you have to make sure no one calling in during that time, the saftest workaround is to unplug the remaining 3 phone lines connecting the modems during the recording mode.

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