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Skype Autodialer

With the release of 6.0.1, Voicent products now support Skype.

With Skype, calls are made over the Internet. Calls to other Skype users are free and calls to landlines or call phones are cheap. For example, calls to any phone number is the US is 2.1 cents per minute, regardless where the call is originated. To call a skype user in Voicent product, such as Broadcast By Phone autodialer, specify skype:username as the phone number; to call a landline, simply specify the phone number with the areacode. For AutoReminder, the automatic appointment reminder, and Agent Dialer, the predictive dialer, the usage is the same.

One advantage of Skype is that you no longer need a physical phone line or a voice modem. You can install Voicent and Skype on your laptop computer and making calls anywhere in the world.

You can also mix use Skype with voice modems to increase the system call capacity.

Voicent also supports running multiple Skype instances to make concurrent phone calls. Each Skype instance represents one line.

More information can be found at Voicent and Skype

Download release 6 here.

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