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General Autodialer or Predictive Dialer Presale Questions

I have a couple of questions about your product before I make the purchase. We are interested in the Professional Edition and Have Windows XP Professional. I am not sure how much memory my computer has, I looked in the configurations and it mentions 448 MB of RAM which I am not sure if this is the same the Voicent Phone software requires.

Yes, you have 448MB memory (RAM).

What our company wants to do is load up a list, record a message, and let it play when live humans or machines pick up the phone.We do not need the phone calls to be transferred anywhere, all we need is the message played. My questions are the following:

-Do the voice modems need to be installed by a professional computer technician? Is the voice modem installed inside the computer

Not necessarily. It requires running the driver software CD to install the driver. Open the computer, plug in the card, reboot. All detailed instructions are included in the modem package. It probably takes a computer technician 10 minutes to complete the installation. If you have never done that before, probably 30 minutes.

We recommend internal PCI modems, which are installed inside the computer. But we have customers using laptop computers, and use USB voice modems, which are connected outside the computer.

Also, starting from release 6, you can completely get rid of voice modems. Instead you can use Skype to make phone calls over the internet. So there will be no hardware to install. For more details, please see Voicent Skype Autodialer

-Does the Dialer dial continuously automatically after the phone number lists are uploaded?

Yes. Actually you can take a look at our online video demo. Or download the software to give it a try.

-Once the system is set, will the dialing computer be only that? Can we use and work on the computer while its dialing and making calls?

Yes. you can still work on the computer. But it is not recommended to use the computer heavily, such as running a virus scan.

-Once we purchase this software will we need to pay anything monthly? or is this a one time investment?

This is a one time payment. You do need to pay your phone bill to your phone company.

-I will purchase the Broadcast by phone auto dialer for $795.00 for 3 lines or the $499 for 1 line and i know that along with that I need to purchase the voice modems for $48.00. Do I need to purchase any other software? Like the Agent Dialer. Are the extra products necessary for this system?


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