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Autodialer command line import two files

I have written a simple batch file which I schedule so that calls are made at a specific time from a file that is imported. I use this because the imported file is created by another system and then ftp’d to the voicent system for the calls. This batch file does what I want but I now want to do something a little different from this an need some help.

The change is a slight modification but I need to know if it is do-able. I want to import two files instead of one. One file would contain a couple of test numbers and the other would contain the real numbers to call. The end result is that the voc file created would be a list of both source files so that BroadcastByPhone would call the test numbers and then the real numbers all as part of one job. Our folks lik would like to receive the call right before the real folks do so they can verify that it is indeed occurring.

After a long explanation, the question is whether I can import two text comma seperated files in as part of the job?

The command line option only supports importing one file at a time. If you call the command line to import one file first, the newly imported numbers are not saved, ie. the .voc file is not saved. So without human intervention to save the list, you cannot import the second file.

But this kind of operation is best left to the script you are writing. You should be able to concatenate the two files easily using whatever scripting language you are using.

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