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Automated phone call

What is the difference between Voicent Autodialer and Predictive dialer?

There are basically two types of automated phone calls: calls made by autodialers play pre-recorded audio messages when answered, and calls made by predictive dialers connect to live agents right away when answered. So the person answers an automated call that is from a predictive dialer, he or she normally cannot tell whether the call is initiated/dialed from a computer or from a live agent.

Predictive dialer is used for agents who sit in front of their computer and would like to talk to every person who answer the call. Autodialer can operate by itself and only connects the call when a person is interested.

Call transfer feature is widely used when an autodialer is used. The common setting is to play your message first, and at the end, ask the person called to press a key to talk to a live agent; the call is then automatically transferred to another phone, such as an agent’s desk phone or cell phone. The advantage is that the agant only talks to people that are interested in whatever you offer.

Predictive dialer normally dials out using more lines than the number of agents. This is because predictive dialer can skip answering machines or voice mail systems. When more lines are used, agents idle time is reduced and they would be more productive.

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