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Appointment reminder integration using import

I was able to work out a file that successfully imports my appointments into your program. I have created my voice to text and have done trial calls that are working out. I am interested in knowing if I can set the system to call four days ahead of the appointment with a starting call time for the first call @ 6:00pm. For this to happen do I have to go into each appointment or can I set the 6:00PM scheduled for the date?

Yes, you can set the appointment 4 days ahead of the appointment. There are two ways to achieve this:

1. From the appointment import file, you can specify call time for each appointment. So all you need to do is set the correct call time when creating the appointment import file.

2. If you leave set the appointment call time as “ask”, then you can specify the call time during importing. When the “Specify Call Time” window appears, specify “4 days before appointment”.

Also if I have two schedules, one for MD the other for NP how to I set the call so that once the MD call are done it starts on the NP calls? IF I use “all users” does it know to call the first 10:00, then the second 10:00 appointment?

The gateway schedules calls based on the specified call time. It does not take into consideration which appointment the reminder call is for. If you want all the MD calls to be finished before NP, you can import all MD calls first. When all MD calls are finished, then import NP calls.

I don’t know if I set up the “human call “confirmation press 1 etc part of the call correctly…when I have it call me the confirm message does not come across.

The confirmation item only prepares the system to for accepting input. You have to create an audio message to prompt the person called to press 1 etc.

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