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Force Windows XP to recognize voice modem

I installed the modem I purchased from Voicent. But when I check Windows Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options, it is not listed there. What should I do?

First make sure the modem driver is installed. You should install the PCI modem driver, using the Zoom driver CD that comes with the package.

It you do not have a CD, please download the voice driver for Windows XP. Run the downloaded program and extract the content to a folder, for example, to “C:\3025 Driver”.

Normally, if you follow the installation steps, i.e., install the driver first, turn off the PC, insert the hardware modem card, and after you turn on the PC, you should see the “The Found New Hardware Wizard appears”. Windows may prompt you to connect to Windows Update. Select “No, not at this time,” and click Next.

If not, please select Windows Control Panel > Phone and Modem Options, select the modem tab, then click the Add button.

From the “Install new modem” window, click Next. If Windows does not find a modem, go back and select “Don’t detect modem. I will select from a list”, then click Next.

Click Have Disk button. From the “Install from disk” window, click the browse button. Select the folder “WinXP_038″ under the extracted folder (C:\3025 Driver). Click OK.

Click Next. When the driver installation has finished, click Finish. Then Restart your computer.

For another method using Windows Device Manager, please see recognize voice modem

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