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Agent Dialer usage


I am interested in your AgentDialer product. I want to use it to make outbound
sales calls. When an answering machine answers, I would like to play a
prerecorded voice message requesting a call back. If a human answers, I don\’t want
to play the outbound message. If it has started playing to an answering machine
and the called party picks up the phone, I must be able to stop the outgoing
message playback and start talking to the called party.

Agent dialer can do exactly what you need. Agent Dialer is human controlled dialer system.
You should be able to start and stop any time you like. Or you can play pre-recorded
message and stop it if you wish.

If you do purchased a voice modem, there is 30 day money back garanttee. If you find the
software is not what you need, simply sent the modem back for a full refund.
(Shipping charge of $6.95 is not refundable.)

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