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4.0 Gateway License Scheme

Voicent Gateway licensing scheme has been changed in 4.x release. This should not affect the end product licensing, such as AutoReminder and BroadcastByPhone license. This note is only for developers who are selling or plan to sell Voicent Gateway based license.

In the previous release, each application license contains two components: a license key for the application, and a full license key for the gateway. For example, a professional edition AutoReminder license contains a pro license key for AutoReminder and a full license key for AutoReminder. If a full license key exists, the ad message is removed from outgoing calls.

This method has drawbacks when more and more applications are introduced. To simply the licensing scheme, Voicent Gateway will no longer check its own license. If an application license is present for the type of calls (inbound/outbound), the ad message will be removed.

If you are selling a Voicent Gateway based application, you have two choices for licensing:

1. Have Voicent to issue your Application license. For example, if your app is Called myApp, you could have Voicent to issue you myApp license. Once myApp license is installed, you could check the license type. The gateway will remove ad message if the call request is from myApp. (Make sure you specify your myApp for each call request)

2. Use Voicent Application license. For example, if you have an outbound application, you could rely on BroadcastByPhone license. Do not specify your application name when schedule calls. (This method is for backward compatibility)

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