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TTS PlugIn

We have purchased License for ver. 7.x including TTS PlugIn, now I have already receive license file. I wanted to know that which TTS engine we got in our license file…TTS Paul or TTS Kate?

This will take some time to explain if you used to get TTS Paul and TTS Kate.

TTS Paul/TTS Kate is actually a bundled product, which includes: TTS PlugIn and TTS Paul voice. The biggest problem with this bundled license scheme is that it does not support other TTS voices, such as Spanish TTS. The second problem is that TTS Paul and Kate voices are relatively old technologies, there are much better voices on the market now. Even Microsoft Anna voice, which is included for free in Windows Vista Operating system, is getting close to Paul and Kate’s voice. So starting from release 7, we unbundled the product and we no longer sell TTS Paul and TTS Kate.

When you get TTS PlugIn in release 7, it enables Voicent Gateway to use any SAPI5 TTS voice, such as Microsoft Anna (included for free in Microsoft Windows Vista) or voices from other vendors (mostly not free), including AT&T, Nuance, and NeoSpeech (which provides Paul and Kate voices). The best way to get these voices is to google “TTS” and you should find plenty of great quality voices online. Since Voicent TTS PlugIn has server feature built-in, you only need to get a desktop, 1 port TTS voice. The voice normally costs around $30.

What is a verification file? I setup our system on a new computer. I obtained the license file. I loaded both TTS Kate and Paul. My calls have the demo info and the beginning says to contact you for a verification file. “You have an invalid verification file”

For customers who obtain TTS Paul and Kate, you should still be able to use the Paul and Kate voice after you obtained TTS PlugIn for the new release. But we will no longer issue Paul and Kate license key (verification file). To use your old Paul and Kate license key, copy the verification file from your old computer to the new computer. The file is normally located at: C:\Program Files\Voicent\TTSPaul\data-common\verify.

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