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Change network adapter

I have just instslled windows 7 with a new hard drive and i have eliminated the wireless network adapter and am now using the ethernet cable directly to the router. Can you please send me a new license for use with this adapter

For Voicent license key, it is tied to the network adapter. It is considerred a different computer if you have to change the license key to tie to a different network card. You have two choices:

1. Still tie the license key to the old wireless network adapter. You do not have to use it for your network connection. All you need to do is to have the Windows OS to recognize the adapter. To get a new license key, open Voicent product and select Help > Request Product License… from the main menu. In the request page, make sure to select the gateway ID that is associated with the wireless adapter.

2. Use the new network adapter. You’ll have to pay for the license key transfer processing fee. For more info, please see move license key

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