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Setting up call transfer with Verizon 3-way calling

I love your software. I seem to have a major problem though. I have set it up to transfer the “press one” to be transfered to a voice mail (that I have an actual number for) When I press one, it has a man saying that he will transfer the call. I can hear what sounds like the digits of my voice mail number being dialed, but then the call drops off and ends. No transfer takes place. I have it set on three way calling and my line does support that. What could the problem be? I set the prefix and postfix both as ! according to the verizon menu. Please let me know asap as I am wanting to start dialing.

According to Verizon’s 3-way conference call menu, it states:

  • Press and release your phone’s recall feature (the flash key, switchhook or hang-up button) to put the first call on hold
  • Listen for three short tones/beeps, followed by a dial tone
  • Dial the number of the second person you want to add to the conversation
  • When the person answers, press the recall feature once and all three of you will be connected

First of all, a big warning for using 3 way calling instead of call transfer service. Using 3 way calling service has inherited limitations and you should only use it if you do not have call transfer features from your phone company. The followings are some major limitations:

1). By nature of the 3 way calling service, the modem phone line cannot be freed for the next call. So even the call is “transferred”, the system has to wait for the 3 way calling to finish before making the next call. If you are using call transfer feature, the system can make the next call immediately after the call is transferred.

2). For some 3 way services, if the transferred call is not picked up in time, and the suffix is pressed, the 3 way calling will fail. So you have to add enough delay (comma) before the suffix. Voicent Gateway (after release 5.0.2) will give about 4 to 5 seconds delay before the suffix is dialed by the modem. You probably will need to add extra delays in most cases.

3). The modem will not disconnect when the other two parties have hang up their phones. Voicent system will disconnect the modem when there is enough silence from the phone line. It is set to 1 minute. So there will be at least 1 minute delay before the next phone call can be made from the system

The recommended way to set up and test 3 way calling is similar to setting up call transfer feature for autodialer.

The problems are normally related to timing. The first one is between the prefix and the actual phone number. For Verizon, if the system dial the phone number too soon, without waiting for the three beep and dial tone, the phone system will miss the first few pressed key.

To solve this problem, simply add some commas after the flash key (!) in the prefix. Each comma will cause a delay in the dialing sequence. The system cannot hear the beep, so you have to experiment with how many commas to add in order for the system to wait long enough for the dial tone. Normally, you can put three or four commas to start with.

Please also note that after release 3.2.1, a delay of 3 commas will be added after the dialing prefix automatically.

The second timing is between dialing the phone number and the suffix. After release 5.0.2, the system will automatically add 4-5 seconds delay for 3 way calling.

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