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Predictive Dialer

General News: AgentDialer Release 4.1.1 supports predictive dialing mode. To use it, simply select the Predictive Dialing Mode from the program main menu, and press F5 to start.

You can select a pre-recorded message for answering machine. If you do not specify any message, the system will hang up the phone when it is answered by an answering machine.

When the call is answered by a live person, the system immediately notifies you. You can choose to use computer to alert the call. In this case, an alert window will pop up and an alert sound will be played. You can also choose to connect the call to another phone line, such as your cell phone. During the call transfer time, you can choose to play an audio file while your customer is onhold.

More details can be found on the product walkthrough, accessible from the program Help menu.

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