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Check Do-Not-Call List with different area code

Question about do not call list. i’m confused by the tab default area code for 7 digit numbers. Lets If I have a 1000 phone numbers in a list that are located in several states and numerous area codes. Can I just scrub this list once with the do not call list or do i have to separate list into separate area codes and scrub it multiple times?

The do not call list you downloaded from FTC contains phone numbers of 10 digit numbers, ie. include the area code. If your call list contains 7 digit phone numbers, then the software needs to know which area code it belongs to. This the when the software checks the default area code. So if your call list contains only 10 digit numbers, then you do not need to worry about the default area code; and you should be able to check the DNC list only once for all the area code. If all your 7 digit phone numbers are of the same area code, then you can still check the list only once. So in almost all cases, you need to run the DNC checking only once.

I just purchased a callcentric phone number. With this one number can I simultaneously make 4 phone calls? If I purchased 2 phone numbers could I would simultaneously make 8 calls?I like the software, very interesting.

To make simultaneous calls, you need to have:

1. Voicent product license for multiple lines, and
2. A VOIP account (or accounts) that support multiple channels, with each channel supports one Voicent line

For callcentric, if you get its unlimited calling plan, it supports 1 channel. You could use simultaneous calls but it will be billed as pay-per-call. You could with multiple callcentric accounts with Voicent software, or use VOIP accounts from different VOIP providers. For Voicent software, it needs one channel per line.

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