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SIP Error: 480 Temporarily Unavailable

I am getting a high number of calls that result in the following message: “Failed. No answer. SIP Error: 480 Temporarily Unavailable”. I do not see anything in the knowledgebase regarding this and I was hoping you could provide some insight as to what might be causing this. Thank you

For Voicent product, any error status marked as “SIP Error” is related to your VOIP service provider. For example, if Voicent program initiates a call, it will first send a SIP INVITE message to your VOIP service provider, if everything is OK, the software will receive SIP 200 OK message back from the VOIP service. Any other SIP message return indicates an error.

For the “temporarily unavailable” error, it is a condition from your VOIP service. It maybe caused by the service is running out of capacity temporarily. It may also be triggered by some limit, such as maximum calls to make in a second for a particular account. Different service providers have different treatment of errors.

You may also try to manually call the phone number. Some VOIP service or PBX system may not report error conditions accurately.

Depending on the exact cause of the error, your solution may vary. For example, you can try to add another VOIP account for different lines (from the same VOIP service or different one), or slow down the calling (by defining dialing intervals in Voicent gateway), or calling during less busy time, etc. Normally, your VOIP service can tell you the best solution.

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