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Use multiple phone services

I am trying the free download in hopes of purchasing the product. I have a question in regards in using mutiple calling setups. Can I use VOIP and a voice modem at the same time. The modem would be a back up if our phone system goes down. If you can, how can you determine if the VOIP is down?

Yes, the gateway should support all the methods (VOIP/SIP, Skype soft phone, analog phone line with voice modem) for making phone calls. There is no problem switching among them.

It should work if they are used at the same time but this setup is not recommended. For example, the call transfer setup is different for modem and VOIP service, so if both phone services are used at the same time, the call transfer may not work well for both of them.

Within VOIP services, you can also use multiple VOIP services and use them at the same time. This maybe a better backup solution for you if one service is down. Most VOIP services have fail over built-in, so the availability is pretty decent.

To see if one service is down or not, you can restart the gateway to see if it can connect. Or you can check to see if the VOIP service provider has any specific techniques to check its availability.

Can it be restart the gateway and determine if it can connect programmatically? What I am trying to do is write some software to notify individuals if certain tasks do not get performed or fail. If this is happening at 2:00 am how would I determine if the VOIP is down and then attempt to use the voice modem.

You can use the following command to start and stop the gateway:

net start VoicentGateway
net stop VoicentGateway

Once it is running, you can use the ping commend to check the status.


It should return [OK]

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