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Virtual SIP Enabled PBX System

Skype tells me the following. “…you would need to use the Skype Connect with a SIP enabled PBX system.” They are saying I need an actual phone system in addition to the laptop. Does your Voicent software need this system while using SkypeConnect? Is Voicent in reality a ‘virtual SIP enable PBX system’?

Good question. Voicent software can directly work with SkypeConnect. There is no need to have a SIP PBX system. Actually, Voicent Flex PBX is a PBX system that works with all SIP versions, including SkypeConnect.

So after you have created a SkypeConnect profile, you can configure Voicent Gateway to use Skype Connect using the information in your SIP profile. For details, please see Configure SkypeConnect for Voicent. If you are using Voicent release 8.0.7 and later, you can use the setup Wizard to set it up. All you need to do is enter your SIP profile user name and password. The software will automatically configure the rest for you.

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