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Conduct Political Survey

I had a question about your product. I am intersested in conducting political surveying. I would like to ask people on my list their opinion on several specific questions. i am curious about your touch tone response capability. How many responses can I ask for from each person dialed? How is their responses captured thanks

Yes, Voicent products should be perfect for this purpose. First, you need Voicent BroadcastByPhone auto dialer for outbound calls. Second, you need Voicent IVR Studio to design your survey applications. There is no limit on how many responses you can have. Since these two products are fully integrated, all the touch tone responses will be captured in the BroadcastByPhone spreadsheet window.

With IVR Studio, you can design subsequent questions based on previous responses. For example, after receiving response for press 1 for Spanish and press 2 for English, the subsequent questions can be specific to the language choice.

In addition, both Voicent BroadcastByPhone and IVR Studio contains integration API so it will be easy to interface with your own system, such as your voter database. For example, you can set a callback function such that your database is updated after each phone call. You can also set up automatic email if someone presses a certain touch tone key, etc. The possibility is almost limitless.

You can download these software products and give them a try.

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