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Upgrade and Moving Appointment Data

If you simply upgrade Voicent AutoReminder, the appointment data, program settings, etc are automatically upgraded.

If you move the software from one computer to another, you’ll have to move the data manually. Here are the steps:

1) Find AutoReminder program folder on the old and new computer, it is usually at “C:\Program Files\Voicent\AutoReminder”, or “C:\Program Files (x86)\Voicent\AutoReminder”

2) Find AutoReminder data folder on the old and new computer. For Windows XP or earlier OS, the data folder is the same as the program folder shown above. For Windows Vista or Windows 7, the data folder is “C:\Program Data\Voicent\AutoReminder”. (Please note that “C:\Program Data” folder maybe hidden. If that is the case, enable view hidden files from Windows Control Panel > Folder options)

3) Move the following folders: appt and data (under the AutoReminder data folder) from the old computer to the new. The appt folder contains all scheduled appointments, and data folder contains program settings and any customization info.

4) Restart AutoReminder on the new computer to verify if the appointment is there

One complication is to migrate the reminder calls already scheduled. The above steps will not schedule them on the new computer. We recommend you simply reschedule these appointments if it is not that many. Otherwise, keep the old computer running for some time in order for it to finish previously scheduled reminder calls; and use the new computer for scheduling new appointments. Once all the previously scheduled calls are made (check Voicent gateway > Operation > Scheduled Calls), you no longer need to run the old computer.

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