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General autodialer question


For your auto dialer phone software do you have a do not call list software or can i buy one from somewhere else and it will be capatiable to your software? how many phone calls does it make in an hour? how many phone numbers does your software hold? is there a phone list that you can provide? can i pick preset the times and days that it dials? if i wanted my customer to press a number to be directed to a secretary is that possible?


1. Yes, Do-not-call scrubber is a built-in capability
2. Please see: how many phone calls can the system make in an hour
3. The software holds unlimited number of phone numbers.
4. We do not provide phone list. But the system has a phone number generator you can try.
5. Yes, you can schedule calls in advance. And you can set the calling hours and blocked hours.
6. Yes, it can do call transfer to a live person.

The best way to evaluate this software is to download the free version from:

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