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Email list and SPAM


I was interested in buying BroadcastByEmail. I want to try the trial version. But first I have a few questions I would like to ask. Can I buy email leads and import them and send them out without the fear of being accused of spaming or getting in serious trouble with my ISP and being shut down. When I send them out, can I tell they have really went out. I have been subscribing to a company that I send out permission based email with Auto Responder but I don\’t know really whether they are really going out. Will BroadcastByEmail allow me to buy, import, and send out as many as 1 Million emails at at time. Do I have to order permission based email where the receipent gave me permission to send them email or can I buy email leads whether they give permission or not.


1. Yes, you can import email leads to the program
2. Yes, you can tell whether the email is sent or not

Now, questions related to SPAM. The best place to check is the government FTC’s website related to CAN-SPAM law.

The seconds place to check is your ISP, which might have its own definition of SPAM. And some ISP block port 25 (SMTP port for sending email), and it might also have daily email limit.

BroadcastByEmail is an email tool, it simply sends out emails to the addresses on the email list. It does contain a few options to work with your ISP. For example, it can set SMTP port other than 25, and it can delay a few seconds before sending the next email.

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