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Enterprise Edition Predictive Dialer Setup

How do you get the 2 agent dialer (seperate machines) gateways to interact? So that, you can use the same database on just 1 machine (in predictive dialer software)…

Currently each machine has line 1 and 2… How do the gateway to recognize the lines as ,,1,2,3,4. Each gateway only see two modem and labels them 1 and 2.

With release 6, the audio is forwarded directly to the agent’s computer, so this should not be an issue. The rest of this article is referring to older release and when modem is used instead of Skype.

You can run AgentDialer client program (spreadsheet) on any computer. To add gateway host, please select AgentDialer main menu > Predictive > Dialing Host…, click Add New… button to add your gateway host computers.

Lines are not notified as 1,2,3,4, but as Hostname:Line.

If your agent 1 is sitting in front of the gateway computer 1, he will receive screen popup for the two lines on computer 1. This is the default setting. To turn off the screen popup on the dialing computer, select the gateway main menu > Setup > Options > Call Transfer, then select “Do not show popup screen on this computer”.

If he is sitting in front of a remote computer other than the dialing computer, he can run RemoteAgent, login to the gateway computer to receive the screen popup.

If your agent 1 also wants to receive screen popup from computer 2, he can use RemoteAgent to login to dialing computer 2. Now he will receive screen popup for both computer 1 and compuer 2. The popup screen will show Computer 1 : Line 1, or Computer 2 : Line 1.

Agent can also selectively choose line. From the RemoteAgent adding Hosting dialog window, he can choose which lines he is interested in. For example, he can select only to receive screen popup from computer 1 line 1 and computer 2 line 1.

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