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Appointment reminder import from Medics Elite

I’m using Medics Elite as my Pracitce Management software. I can run the reports as I see fit, but I only see a need for the first 4 (possibly 5) expected fields: contact, phone, start time, end time, call time. Can I import a csv file with only these values?

Yes. The first 3 fields are required. The rest are optional.

If I only want the call to say “hello, [name] has an appointment tomorrow at [time]” I only need 3 values total.

If the 4th field (appointment end time) is empty, the default appointment length will be used.

In regard to the “possible” 5th field:
If I do not import the call time (reminder call time), will AutoReminder simply queue up the calls and make them one at a time

The the call time is not specified, there will be no reminder call for the appointment; if the value is “now”, the call time is right now (This is the same as check the Call Now radio button in the New Appointment dialog); if the field is “ask”, during importing, a dialog will pop up for the user to specify call time.

And yes, calls will be queued on Voicent Gateway. If will be valid until the appointment start time.

More details can be found in the program help file.

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