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Launch autodialer by calling from home

I want to be able to call in from home and record a message. Then send it to different people that has been programmed.

You have two choices:

1. Use inbound IVR application to launch BroadcastByPhone by telephone

This allows you to call in to record a message, and launch BroadcastByPhone to send out the recorded message.

You will need to have Voicent IVR Studio to design and deploy the inbound application. Once set, you can call in and start recording and then lanch the broadcast. It requires some design work. The good news is that IVR Tutorial is using this as a sample, so you can just take the sample application and use it as is.

2. Use BroadcastByPhone Enterprise edition

This allows you to run a BroadcastByPhone as a remote client of Voicent Gateway. The gateway machine has the phone connections and all the phone calls are made from the gateway machine. The remote BroadcastByPhone program is the client that is used to control the remote phone calls.

You can use the client BroadcastByPhone program as if it is on the same computer. All you need to do is have the Internet connection from the home computer and the gateway computer. Details can be found at the Enterprise Edition Setup Guide.

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