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Ensure inbound call center service

We run an inbound customer service call center and are looking for a product to repeatedly dial our toll free numbers to ensure they are working – calling 6 different numbers every fifteen minutes and playing a recording to the agent that answers the call. If for some reason the calls fail – network outage, busy signal, etc. we would like the dialer to place a call to three of different numbers and play a different recording. Will the Broadcast By Phone Professional Edition support what we are try to accomplish?

For scheduled recurring calls, it is better to use Voicent AutoReminder.

AutoReminder should have no problem making scheduled calls. However, there is no interface to set it up such that it calls different phone numbers after some calls fail. You have to do some custom scripting/programming in order to achieve that. We suggest you do that in your script:

1. Make calls to the first 6 numbers by calling AutoReminder

You can interface with autoreminder either through its command line interface or web interface. Details please see developer section on our website.

2. In the message, asks the agent to press a key to confirm

3. Query the call result using the same AutoReminder interface

If there is the key press in the confirmation code, the call is successful. Otherwise do step 4

4. Call the other 3 numbers

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