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Offline License Key

I would like for your input on something. Here is my current setup:

- HP computer with Voice Modem purchased from your company (Zoom modem)
- I dial into Netzero for internet access
- I have purchased a license of Broadcast by phone for my computer.

Here’s the situation:

when starting up my computer, I am automatically prompted to connect to the internet for your Voicenet Gateway program – for licensing I assume.

Now, does my computer have to be connected all day to the internet for the licensing to work? How can we get around this situation? do I need high speed or a second modem for everything to work?

Starting from release 6, when Voicent gateway starts, it will verify the license key online with our database. In order to operate, your computer has to be online all the time. To stay online, you can have either high speed internet or a second modem for the internet connection.

Another way is to use the offline license key. With offline key, the license is not verified online so you can still use Voicent programs while your computer is offline. The only drawback is that an offline key cannot be transferred, it is permenently tied to the network adapter of that computer. In order to move the software to another computer, you must move the network card also. For network card that is built on the computer motherboard, you will not be able to move the network card and Voicent software. For more details about the license scheme, please see License FAQ.

If you want to get an offline license key, it is strongly recommended to get an USB network adapter card. And when applying for the license key, select the Gateway ID that is tied to the USB network card. So next time you need to move the software to another computer, simply plug in the USB network card to that computer.

To request an offline key, please select Help > Request Product License from the program main menu, enter everything as usual, and specify “need offline key” in the field labeled “Order Number”.

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