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Autodialer reporting

We currently use a 17-line autodialer. Before I try an eval of your SW, I need to understand reporting. We import the results of all of our dials into our data warehouse (dialer uses Access that we import into SQL Server). We then have a variety of reports we run. Most importantly, we can evaluate the effectiveness of calling our customers to determine retention of those we contact vs. those we do not. We\’ll therefore need to be able to have a unique identifier (policy number) associated with each call that we can then pull back and join to our policy database to analyze results.

Please describe how the data is stored, how we gain access to it programmatically, and what reports are built in.

There are two types of reporting for call status. The first one is basic call status, such as answered by answering machine, line busy, etc; the second one is the confirmation status, such as the keys pressed by the callee. All call status are reported in real time in the call list spreadsheet window.

Voicent does not provide extra call reporting like graphing etc, since it is easy to copy paste the call list and status to Microsoft Excel. Once the results are in Excel, you have all the fancy Microsoft tools for analysing your results.

Voicent BroadcastByPhone autodialer provides command line interface for software integration. You can export the call result as a CSV file.

If you have programming staff, it might be easier to interface with Voicent program using AutoReminder or Voicent Gateway, which provides more control on a per call basis. For more details, please see the developer section on Voicent website.

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