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Call transfer using ATT Phone Line

Our computer (Modem) connects to AT&T phone line (This line is fax line and is not digital), but we wanted to transfer our call to the phone (this phone line is digital) service by XO Communications company. Would you please help us and tell us what code should we use?

The ONLY place to find out the keys to press for call transfer is your ATT support. But we can provide you with some general idea:

1. Make sure your phone service does offer call transfer service (some only offer 3-way calling)

2. Call your phone company to ask for call transfer code. Please do not mention Voicent since they will get really confused. Please ask them the following:

If you make a call to person A, and during the call, you want to transfer the call to person B (the XP number). You want A and B to talk, and disconnect your phone. Again there is no need to mention the digital line since it does not matter and will only confuse them more. Many phone company answers your question by searching some keywords from a support database.

3. Ask them what key you need to press on your telephone in order to accomplish that.

4. Once you get the key press code, please try to make a call transfer using your telephone (without Voicent)

5. If that works, enter the key code to Voicent gateway Call transfer setup. The modem simply simulates the key press for the call transfer.

So as long as you can get call transfer to work with a regular phone, you should be able to do it with Voicent.

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