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Medics Elite Practice Management Software

My client is interested in a automated voice reminder system to work with thier Medical Practice Management Software. They are using Medics Elite Practice Management Software from ADS. Does your product work with this software? Do they need a custom program for this application? If they need custom programing, how much will it cost?

Voicent AutoReminder should be able to work almost all practive management software through simple appointment file export and import. The import file is a CSV file, and the exact format is published online and in the program Help file. Many times the export format is not exactly what AutoReminder expects, so a conversion program is needed. You can hire anyone to do the conversion program. But if you want us to do it, please send us a sample of the exported appointment file, and we’ll give you a quote. Normally, the cost is $800 for this kind of customized program. But it depends on the complexity of the exported file.

A better way of integration is ask ADS to interface directly with Voicent AutoReminder, so when an appointment is made, it adds a reminder call request directly to AutoReminder. The programming part should be straightforward, which only involves a few lines of code.

Please provide a quote on your software with the speach to text option. They have a Pratice with 4 to 5 doctors. I believe they will only need one line, but please advise. Do you sell your products thru distribution or direct?

We do not sell Speech to Text or Text to Speech software. For AutoReminder, you only need Text to Speech software to pronounce patient’s name. For windows operating system, the TTS voice is included for free. On Vista, it is called “Microsoft Anna”. But if you want other voices, there are plenty of vendors online, like AT&T, Cepstral, and Nuance. Get 8Khz voice for using with telephone. However, you do need Voicent TTS Plug-In, which enables a TTS engine to be used for telephone calls.

For 4 to 5 doctors, it is better to get Enterprise Edition for 5 users. If the call volume is less than say 500, it is usually fine to have a single line system.

We sell direct but also offer our reseller programs. As a reseller, you get 30 to 50 percent off on most products.

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