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Access reminder call voice message

Could you please tell me how to access voice message response in autoreminder. I click on the phone icon but nothing seems to happen. Thank you

When Auto Reminder makes a call, and the callee leaves a voice message, the message is saved as an audio file on the computer. To listen to the voice message, simply open the appointment and click the voice message link. Auto Reminder should launch the program that is associated with the audio file (.wav). Normally, the program is Windows Media Player.

If you do not see any program launched to play the voice message, check your file association for .wav file. You can do so from Windows Control Panel > Folder Options > File Types.

If your file association is correct (meaning you can click on a .wav file and have Windows OS launch a media player), then it is possible the audio file is not valid. This may happen when someone hangs up without leave a voice message.

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