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Interface with GEMMS EMR

Do you interface with GEMMS EMR

Voicent Auto Reminder is specifically defined to be able to interface with any other software product. There two basic interface methods:

1. Interface through file import and export, or
2. Interface through programming API

Interface through file import and export

This method allows Auto Reminder to read appointment information through a text file. Most office management, scheduling, and EMR software have function to export appointment information to a file. If the software is capable of export the file using the Auto Reminder appointment format, then all the appointments can be imported to AutoReminder directly. If the export format is different from the required format, then a conversion program is needed.

Anyone with programming experience (eg. hiring someone online) can write a conversion program. Voicent also provide such service. If you are interested, please send a sample exported file to Voicent support and get a guote. For normal cases, the cost is about eight hundred dollars.

Interface through programming API

Though it is easier to do file import or export, it still needs manual operations for file export and import. From the customer’s view, it will be much easier if the appointment information is automatically forwarded to Voicent Auto Reminder program when a new appointment is created. By using this method, everything can be made seamless.

In order to implement such integration, your software’s vendor must enhance its software. Please contact your vendor’s support (in your case GEMMS EMR) for such service. All they need is to follow the appointment reminder programming API to make the change.

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