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Appointment Reminder Service

Your site has a lot of great information, but I couldn’t find the exact information I was looking for. We are a software company looking to offer automated appointment reminder calls to our clients. Here are my questions:

1. I see that you can send call information via HTTP (is HTTPS okay?). Can the data be sent in batch or does it have to be one record at a time?

Voicent Gateway supports HTTP, not HTTPS. However, if you do need HTTPS, you can setup your own HTTPS server, like a proxy in between, and forward the info to and from Voicent software. For the HTTP interface, you add/remove/query auto reminder one appointment at a time. But if you use the command line interface, there is a batch mode operation.

2. If we HTTP call information based on the fields noted on your web site, how do you know the client to bill? I don’t see that we send in any sort of account identifier in the data string.

Voicent software does not support billing. You’ll have to implement that within your application. There is a “user” field that is usually used for identifying which office or doctor the appointment is for. There are built-in multi-user support in the software. For example, you can use view filter to show appointments only for a certain user.

3. Similar to #2, how do you know the name of the company or staff member to include in the call reminder? Are those fields you can pass in? Thanks.

You can use the same “user” field. There is also a “room” field.

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