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Auto dialer starts over

We are evaluating your BroadcastByPhone (shareware edition) product and have it up and running. The functionality we need is for the system to call everyone on the broadcast list over and over. So when it finishes the last person on the list to immediately start over. Does this or another product you sell have this feature?

Depending on your situation, such as the size of the call list, there are several options you can try:

1. Use broadcast retry feature. You can set this from Broadcast main menu > Broadcast Options. However, the retry feature is only for calls that are failed, such as line busy etc.

2. Use recurring broadcast. A recurring broadcast will call the same list at specific intervals, such as daily. If you have a list that takes about a half a day to finish, you can set 2 daily recuring broadcast with the same call list (different .voc files but with the same phone numbers).

3. Simply copy paste the call list multiple times in the same .voc file. So even the broadcast do not start over, it in effect does the same thing.

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