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Backup Appointment Data

How can I save or backup the patient appointments and contact data for Auto Reminder?

For AutoReminder, all appointments and contact data are saved in the following two folders (appt and data) under the AutoReminder installation folder. If you want to save scheduled reminder calls, save the rcall folder also. The default installation folder is:

1. On Windows XP it is
C:\Program Files\Voicent\AutoReminder

2. On Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later, it is
C:\Program Data\Voicent\AutoReminder

By default, the Program Data folder is not visible. To view it, open Windows Control Panel, select Folder Options, the select the View tab, then select “Show hidden Files and Folders“.

Once you find these folders, simply copy them to a flash disk, writable CD/DVD, or online backup service.

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