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Select language to use for reminder call

I have purchased AutoReminder and TTS Plugin. I have figured out most everything except the Multi-Lingual part. I am interested in using this for Spanish speaking people as well as English. How to I tell the program during the import of data to choose either?

The first thing you need to do is make a new reminder message in Spanish using the Message Designer. Since all the pre-recorded audio is in English, you can only make some generic call message in Spanish. For example, you could have a reminder message saying: “you have an appointment tomorrow with Doc. Smith”, instead of “you have an appointment tomorrow at 3 PM”. The TTS engine or pre-recorded message cannot say “3 PM” in spanish.

Once you designed your Spanish version of the reminder message, you can select it when a new appointment is made. So for English speaking customers, choose the system default message or your own message, for Spanish speaking customers, select the Spanish version of the message.

For importing, there is a column that is for message ID. Set it to the Spanish message for Spanish speaking people; set it to the English message for others.

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